Newbury Park Track Club and Cross Country

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September 17, 2018; 3:56 PM - Please note updated practice and meet schedule posted online; this Thursday's practice is moved to 6:00-7:15 pm because of high school meet. Our meet this weekend is on Sunday, not Saturday. 


August 31, 2018; 11:12 AM - I posted a map for tomorrow's pool run. Also remember no practice on Monday for Labor Day. They need some rest after how hard we hit the last 2 weeks, so please do not go run on your own on Monday.


August 27, 2018; 8:51 PM - In past years, we have often had a shutterfly site (or similar) where we can put all the photos parents take from throughout the season. It's password protected so only parents from our team can access it (i.e., photos are not out there floating around the internet for everyone). I do not have the time/energy to set it up, but anyone is interested, please contact me. I know we have some parents who have pictures to share. Thanks!


August 25, 2018; 8:25 AM - We do not need much parent runner help at practice tonight (Monday) if you're looking to have an evening off (of course, you are still welcome to join us). However, we will need plenty of parent runners on Tue (Satwiwa) and Thu (Wildwood).


August 21, 2018; 8:37 AM - Updated pool run time this weekend on practice schedule. Start time is 8:30 am.


August 20, 2018; 9:17 PM - Updated practice/meet schedule posted online. Changes include updated location for this weekend's pool run and updated race venue for our October 20th meet. Just a quick note: we are responsible for setting up the course for our Sept. 8 fun run and the Oct. 20 meet. Help in doing so GREATLY appreciated. I will post a map to this weekend's pool run later in the week (I'm still working out all the details on the course). Thanks to the Palosi family for hosting!


August 17, 2018; 3:28 PM - Pool run this weekend! I will also start taking payments for uniform/Comets shirts orders starting next week. Either cash or check (made out to NPTC). Next Monday (Aug 20) will be our once-a-season powerline run. It's a pretty grueling, very long, mostly all steep uphill run. I know a lot of people have missed practices because of vacations so if your athlete has not been running much the past few weeks, I would not recommend jumping into this run as their first workout of the season.


August 15, 2018; 12:00 PM - I got the final price quote from our vendor for uniforms given our quantities. Normally we are $25 per top and per shorts ($50 total for full uniform). Unfortunately the price went up a bit this year and I now have to charge $28 per item. Sorry about the increase, but at least it's only $3 per. Comets shirts will be $10 each. I will start collecting payments for uniforms and Comets shirts next week. You will be able to pay in cash or by check (made out to NPTC).


August 10, 2018; 11:13 AM - New updated schedule uploaded to website. Updates include pool run locations.


August 9, 2018; 10:21 AM - I have been sending out important e-mails regarding uniform orders and Comets shirts (worn during our Invitational meets). If you have not been receiving them, contact me ASAP! I have to turn orders in soon and if you do have a uniform/Comets shirt, your athlete will not be eligible to participate in races. I can only send e-mails to those I have on file (what you entered during registration), so please let me know if there are other/alternative e-mails to use for you.


July 30, 2018; 12:35 PM - A few reminders. Tonight is an optional, informal, unofficial get together. It will mostly be an orientation and light workout and give the kids a chance to meet/get to know each other. Even though it’s unofficial, you still need to turn in a completed waiver form (download online). Tomorrow is an optional fun run at La Reina. Check link in previous announcement for details. These are really fun and a good chance to see the La Reina course (which we run twice this year). I will not be there as I’m out of town, but my son will be there running. I will be out of town from July 31-Aug 5 and unable to respond to e-mails, so Coach Don will be taking over Thursday and Saturday’s practice.

July 23, 2018; 2:00 PM - Reminder that the parent meeting is this Wednesday night at DVCC. I have also modified the practice schedule. Instead of an informal get together on Tuesday, July 31, I will instead point you in the direction of a fun run hosted at La Reina middle/high school. You can access the flyer for the event by clicking here. These are very fun and it will give the kids a chance to see the La Reina course, which we run twice this year (first and last meet).


July 18, 2018; 8:22 AM - Just a reminder that our parent meeting is at 6:30 PM on Wednesday, July 25, at Dos Vientos Community Center (DVCC). See website for map of location (or click here).