Cross Country Info

Cross Country Team – 2023 Season

The club’s purpose in Cross Country training is primarily to foster a love of distance running for a lifetime. Our training will also teach foundational running skills (biomechanics) and strengthen the body’s core muscles, resulting in improved cardiovascular endurance and strength.

The NPTC Cross Country team competes in the Valley Youth Conference (, which includes Newbury Park and Cal Coast Track Club, Fillmore Condors, Flying Phoenix, Los Angeles Falcons, North Valley Golden Bears, Northridge Pacers, Roadrunner Racers, Santa Clarita Storm, Valley Raiders, Village Christian, and West Valley Eagles.

REGISTRATION – Cross County registration opened to the general public on June 10th.  We wear a different uniform top than Track & Field athletes, but the same shorts.

TEAMS – Each age group competes against the same age group from other clubs in the conference to ensure fair competition. The age groups are the same for Cross Country as they were for Track & Field and are as follows for 2022:

Gremlins 2014 to 2015 7 to 8
Bantams 2012 to 2013 9 to 10
Midgets 2010 to 2011 11 to 12
Youth 2008 to 2009 13 to 14
Intermediate 2006 to 2007 15 to 16

PRACTICES – There will generally be three practices each week in the Summer and Fall, usually from 5:30 to 6:45 PM and Saturday mornings at 8:30 AM. Saturday practices become races later in the season. The official first day of practice will be in early August. Mondays typically are “destination runs;” Tuesday and Thursday practices are dedicated to core workouts (plyometrics, repeats, fartleks, hill work, etc.) and will generally be held at DVCC. Saturday practices include “picnic runs” and “beach runs” that is a good combination of fun and hard work. Once meets start in mid-September, we do not practice on the weekends.

MEETS – The meets (races) are held on Saturday/Sunday mornings, starting at 8:00 AM (need to show up by 8:00 for the race course walk through) and end around noon (often much earlier). The first meet is usually held in mid September with the last meet usually in late October/early November each year. There are post-season national competitions for athletes that excel and their families who choose to participate in post season competition.

VOLUNTEERS –We need volunteers to help at practices and at the meets. All parents and guardians are welcome and encouraged to walk/run/hike/bike and otherwise monitor the practices and workouts.

For questions, contact Kris Karsten (Head Coach and NPTC Board Member) at