We have a successful club because of our outstanding volunteers!
There are two ways you can volunteer to cover your three-shift obligation per family for the 2024 season: full-season assignments or signing up for three volunteer shifts.

Here are details on these assignments.

Full-season assignments

If you are unable to volunteer during home meets and are interested in learning about non-meet-related volunteer opportunities, please contact volunteer.nptc@gmail.com.

Volunteer Shifts

Sign-ups will be managed through a link that will be provided to all families just before the start of meet season.  A description of the roles is set forth below. Aside from set-up and teardown, shifts will run from either 8:00-11AM or 10:45-1:30PM (or end of meet). You are free to sign-up for up to two shifts per meet.

What is entailed in volunteering? Here are some highlights:

Setup (5 per meet): We’ll have a handful of volunteers help us get set up each meet. Arrival time will be 6:15AM, and we are usually done setting up in about an hour (note, it’s a shorter time but it still counts towards one of your three shifts). This requires physical effort, including moving supplies and tents out of storage and setting them up in designated spots on the infield of the track and at the long jump, high jump and shot put areas. 

Volunteer Coordinators (2 per shift): Sign-in volunteers near the snack shack and let them know where to go. As needed, fill in for volunteers who need to take breaks and offer support in areas that need help.

Staging (6 per shift): At the direction of the Staging Director, you will arrange athletes based on age group, gender and speed (“fast to fastest”) for each race. You will also pass out lane stickers and ensure athletes are properly entered in the system. You will manage the flow of the kids through the staging area and ensure they are on the track – in the correct lanes – as soon as their races are ready to start. 

Timing (4 per shift): This includes various roles helping our timer including working the computer at the finish line, signaling to the starter, and doing back-up manual timing.

Finish Line (2 per shift): Volunteers will help corral athletes at the end of their race, directing them off the track, to the water table, etc.

Long Jump (6 per shift): There are two long jump pits at NPHS and we use one for the girls and one for the boys. Volunteer requirements include corraling the kids for their jumps, ensuring there is an efficient flow, raking the sand, measuring (two are required for this), notating distance jumped, ensuring jumps are proper, etc.

Shot Put (3 per shift) and High Jump (3 per shift): These events are usually run specialty by coaches; volunteers will help corral and organize the kids, take measurements, place/replace high jump bar, measure throws, rake sand, etc.

Gate Monitors (2 per shift): Station yourself at gates to ensure that only athletes and coaches are crossing into the infield of the track. Watch to ensure no one is crossing when athletes are running on the track.

Snack Shack (3 per shift): Assuming that we will have one or more snack shack coordinators, we will have two volunteers per shift to sell food and drinks to meet attendees.

Teardown (5 per meet): This end of the day role requires physical effort in taking down tents, packing away tables, chairs and all the other supplies and placing them in our storage bin. Also involves ensuring the infield and other areas are cleaned up and immaculate as we appreciate so much the fact that NPHS provides us access to this great venue. This takes about an hour.